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Performance described as très bien

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Madame Arist’s upper level classes recently performed a Christmas play in their classes, entirely in French. “It was for upper levels, French three and french four, to read a play in French and it was based on Christmas traditions in France. Once they read it they learned about Christmas traditions and then the purpose was to actually act it out,” Arist explains.
The students had to contribute a lot of effort and practice during their classes to learn and master the play in French. “The level four class performed it for my French two and French three classes, and they read the play in about two class periods, and then they took probably about four class periods to practice,” says Arist.
There were four scenes in the play all together, there were groups who worked on scene one and two, and then another group of students who worked on scene three and four, then they performed them in front of about 50 other students.
Seniors April Jones, Kaylee Holliger, Michael Potts, Maria Auth, Olivia Brown, and many more were a part of this performance..
But with acting comes challenges, especially when it’s all done in a foreign language. “A challenge is always memorizing lines, in another language, and adding emotion to it, like being an actor right? So that’s hard anyway, let alone do it in a language that’s not your native language, that’s a challenge so that’s difficult,” Arist commented.
The play turned out to be very beneficial for the students according to the veteran educator. “It helped them learn their French, as well as some traditions associated with Christmas,” says Arist.
Arist has also put on plays like this in the past before, though according to her it was “In the very distant past, probably about seven or eight years ago, so it’s been a long time.“ She said that she “thought this was a great class to do it with. They are very capable of French and they have a lot of energy and creativity, and I thought they would bring just, a lot of fun to the play.” Arist is also planning on doing more plays like this in the future.
“They did really well. They kept practicing and they encouraged one another and they really worked well as a group. I was proud of them!” Arist says.

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Performance described as très bien