College tips for incoming freshmen

Emily Rinaca, Reporter

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Make use of the money you spent for food in college! While in the dining hall, take some fruits back to your dorm with you. Also, if your college has take-home boxes, use them! Take food back to the dorm food so you can have a midnight snack.


Study hack: download the app “SelfControl” which allows you to block any distracting websites you want for an amount of time you would like.


Go to class! Although it is not required, it is expected. Your parents are paying roughly $25,000 for you to get a quality education…don’t waste their money!


Use “Wolfram Alpha”, it is a website that gives answers to questions. The best part:  not only will Wolfram give you an answer,  it will also plot it and show you the work. So, if you’re struggling,  use it for help!


Last but not least, all college freshmen need to know that the most important part of college is to enjoy it! It is your time to have fun and accept everything that life has to offer you. Be open to every new invitation to hang out, but remember not to wear yourself out. It is normal to be overwhelmed, but also remember to not let it get the best of you.



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College tips for incoming freshmen