Look what Taylor Swift made North Harford students do


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Taylor Swift’s upcoming album ‘Reputation’, which will be released November 10, is Swift’s sixth studio album since her album ‘1989’ which was released two years ago. Swift recently released two singles from the album “…Ready for it?” and “Look what you made me do.”
According to billboard.com The two singles are already breaking records like most played song in a single day on Spotify (10.1 million) and on Youtube most viewed music and lyric video within 24 hours. Swift music video to ‘Look what you made me do’ which had been released on the VMA’s had already raised some controversy by the public.
This video reflects on Swift’s past, shows hidden messages and introduces everyone to a new Taylor Swift. Junior Grace Huller believes “Taylor Swift’s new song is completely different than any of her old music, But the music video has a lot of details of her past.”
Swift’s second released song “…Ready for it?” which is her first promotional single of the album is number five on the billboard hot 100 close to “Look what you made me do” currently at number one.
Some North Harford students did not adore the singer’s new singles. Junior Jacob Thompson said, “Taylor Swift’s new singles definitely were not as good as her old country songs; she should one hundred percent go back to singing that.”
Junior Julia Wingerd agrees with Thompson’s and adds, “I think she is trying way too hard to be cool. She is constantly changing her voice and music to what people would like at the time. It’s just all together really bad.”

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