Wonder Woman smashes records, perceptions

SAMANTHA STELTZER, Production Manager

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Watch out boys! Smashing through years of a multitude of superhero movies with male-centered leads, here comes Wonder Woman, played by actress Gal Gadot, the first female – led superhero movie since 2005.
Not only is a lady leading front and center, so is the talent behind the scenes with director Patty Jenkins.
Many heads in Hollywood questioned whether female leads could bring in the big bucks, citing the lackluster earnings of early 2000 female-led box office flops such as the 2004 release of Catwoman which only earned back 82 million of its 100 million budget according to Box Office Mojo.
With the bar set low and anticipation running high, Wonder Woman quickly became the highest-grossing film directed by a woman, earning over 816 million dollars, domestic and international box offices combined.
Wonder Woman also surpassed another fan-favorite, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, domestically, and became the biggest film of the 2017 summer season.
Not only has Wonder Woman proven that female-led movies can generate a substantial amount of money, it has inspired girls of all ages that women can be fierce and feminine.
By watching a movie like Wonder Woman, girls have a courageous, take-charge role-model to look up to and be inspired by. Kassidy Moore, freshman, found it significant that “[Wonder Woman] did not inspire [Steve Trevor] to blow up the plane that would have killed everyone – she inspired him to be a better person.”
Senior  Katherine Miller adds, “It’s nice for people to see…powerful warrior women because everyone wants to be a powerful warrior woman,” and continues, expressing that “it would be interesting to have more women-led films because the only other woman-lead [in a superhero movie] is Black Widow so it would be cool to have more.”
Being Wonder Woman means dressing like her so it comes as no surprise that this hero’s’ merchandise is flying off the shelves. Senior Alex Damian thinks that “it’s cool that there is clothes now geared towards girls who like superheros because they get to dress up and feel just as super as little boys.”
As Jenkins is confirmed for Wonder Woman 2, audiences and critics alike are getting ready for more amazing girl-power.




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Wonder Woman smashes records, perceptions