Thomas set to release new album


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    Senior Garrett Thomas is very invested in his music as he practices/performs in NH’s acapella group The Harmonics, takes multiple choir classes, voice lessons, and is the lead singer in popular local band Kruiser.

    However, Thomas has taken it a step further as he has recently taken initiative to create his own album that is expected to drop sometime in May. Thomas came across this opportunity while eating dinner at 510 Johnnys for his cousins graduation celebration. He explains, “My Aunt’s friend introduced me to the man, the myth, the legend, Mike Males.”

    Males owns his own record label and Sirius XM radio station called “MyRuralRadio”. When Males heard about Thomas he at first called him a bluff, but Thomas took that as a challenge.     

    He reports, “I emailed him a couple of rough recordings I had and got an immediate response. He said ‘I dig it, it’s new, it’s hip, and the ladies love the whole Ed Sheeran John Legend thing’”.

    The senior was invited by Males to record an album in his studio with Jonathan Merkle who records movie tracks for universal studios. It is expected for Males to air Thomas’s music on his radio station, mentor him, and help him design an album cover.

    One song on the album that hits close to home for Thomas is called “Get Up”. It’s a motivational song he wrote for his grandmother who had to take care of his 96 year old Great Grandmother and Grandfather who has Parkinson’s. He explains, “She would always get frustrated. I had to remind her that there’s glory hiding down that winding road.”

    Lastly Thomas emphasizes the importance of his work stating, “I see it as my message to the world. Highschool is full of its emotional moments and the ups and downs, but I wrote these songs to impact people. I never write for myself. Sure, I think it’s fun to perform, but everything I do is for the audience. Trying to soothe their souls and spread joy is my ultimate goal.”

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Thomas set to release new album