Ziegler professionally performs; Talent develops young


Violin, steel drums, saxophone, this boy can play it all! Junior Toby Ziegler can play them all in the blink of an eye.

As an elementary schooler, Ziegler knew that he wanted to play an instrument but with all the choices available, he was torn between two. “I was between playing the violin and saxophone but I already owned a violin, so I started playing violin.”

Along the way of his musical journey, Ziegler wanted to branch out more into the world of brass. “I was given the opportunity to play saxophone in seventh grade so I began to play that as well,” he shares.

Ziegler’s musical taste expanded the older he became and he began finding more and more instruments that sparked his curiosity. “I have acquired more instruments as I’ve gone along,” Ziegler adds.  “Along with the violin, alto and baritone saxophone, I play the mandolin, steel drums, and I’m also teaching myself to play the banjo.”

Talent doesn’t come easy, it takes many hours of practice and concentration according to the musician. ”For the violin, I probably practice anywhere between three to eight hours a week,” said the junior. “For the saxophone it’s about 3 hours a week, with the steel drums I only do about an hour and a half a week. I only play the banjo when I have time for it.”

Music has had such an impact on Ziegler that he realized he want to pursue a career in the field. “I plan to start by majoring in music education and then plan to become a conductor.”