Wacky Wonka’s story has new twist; Drama students perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Wacky Wonka’s story has new twist; Drama students perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Lauren Smith


Charlie smiled to himself as he opened the wrapping to what he knew was going to be a mouthwatering, delicious treat. Seconds after opening the wrapper, however, Charlie was surprised to see that he received the golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

    Drama two performed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for children and adults alike on May 11. With all the classic characters from Violet Beauregarde, the bratty pre-teen who always has a piece of gum in her mouth to Charlie Bucket, the sweet boy with a good heart, this play highlights how different people can be depending on the environment in which they grew up.             

     The first scene after the character introduction shows the environment that Charlie Bucket lives in and how he gets along with his family members on a normal day. The actors ease the audience members into the play with a little comedy, showcasing Charlie’s cluelessness and curiosity when he was speaking to his grandparents about finding a 50-cent piece on the ground to buy a Wonka bar, not realizing that all his grandparents wanted to hear was whether he had won a golden ticket.

    Once the actors gained the audience’s attention, they moved on to introducing the main character himself; Willy Wonka. The actor was female, however, that did not take away from the normally male role. The crowd chuckled at the absent mindedness of Wonka’s character each time another one of the kids was sucked into another crazy candy scheme.

    The oompa loompas that everyone knows and loves weren’t as short as in the original film, however, they brought a new twist to the songs that were sung at each of the different places in Wonka’s factory. The songs were silly and still had the dances to accompany them.

    These additions to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory play were new, refreshing, and funny. The play wasn’t too long, but it captured all the most important events of the movie including Veruca Salt being dragged down the garbage chute and Augustus Gloop being sucked up through a pipe full of chocolate.

    After the play was over, the actors came out one by one to be applauded for their performance and then started a few games that both parents and children could enjoy. A few rounds of Wonka Says were played and the kids even got to go on stage and show off their fortnite dances.