Living ‘Manual’-ly        NHHS boys form popular band

Maura Chaney, Reporter

     While juggling sports, drumline, and an education, three North Harford students are spending their free time writing music and performing gigs. The band “Manual” may only be a year old, but their success is just beginning. 

     This rock band consists of three seniors, Zach Jackson, Garrett Strine, and Jacob Huneke. The idea for the name sparked when they got together to brainstorm what they wanted to write about and how they should sound. Jackson says that they’re all about “doing things manually, living your life as it comes and doing it all yourself.” 

     Jackson remembers playing Guitar Hero when he was young and how that impacted his desire to play. “Music is my passion. I got my first guitar when I was eight,” he adds. Strine has a history of musical interest, and he can be seen in the NHHS drumline. He had already been friends with those in the band and played with them in the past, creating great chemistry for the group to evolve. 

      Bouncing from schoolwork to sports can already be a struggle for most students, but members of Manual say that it doesn’t affect their free time as much as it seems. Strine is the wrestling manager and likes venturing outside of school, but he mentions “it doesn’t affect [his] free time too much because if [they] have a gig [they] practice once a week for the weeks leading up to it for an hour. [They] usually make an hour or so a week to practice.” 

     Any kind of sport or activity can be tiring and mentally draining, and in some instances can cause people to not want to participate anymore. However, Huneke explains how that isn’t ever an issue with Manual. “I really enjoy playing songs where we improvise solos to sound good with what the rest of the band is playing. Finding the right notes is rewarding.” 

     The boys of Manual show talent and motivation through their music, but they want to encourage others who want to make music to get involved and take the step to get involved. Huneke says that “since there are multiple people playing, no one can really tell if you mess something up. Just have fun in the moment,” or live “Manual-ly”.