NH graduate provides for her community; Thompson Valley Embroidery and Sewing lends a hand

Madison Fetherston, Reporter


     From a young age, Angie Gullion was influenced by the craftiness of her mother and aunt, who owned a sewing shop, years later Gullion followed in their footsteps and started her own business, Thompson Valley Embroidery and Sewing. During the closure of schools in March, Gullion’s self-owned business began, since then she has made over 2,000 face masks. 

     While many had time to spare during the beginning of the pandemic, Gullion made use of her time, rekindling her sewing skills and learning how to embroidery with a brand-new embroidery machine that arrived just as schools began to close for the 2019-2020 school year. Gullion suggests that unlike many small businesses, COVID ended up helping her business. It was her mission to provide quality face masks to her community during the pandemic. 

     Gullion has a history of providing for her community in troubling times, from 2003 to 2016 Gullion served as a member of the Darlington Volunteer Fire Company. Over a span of 13 years, Gullion would serve as an EMS Lieutenant, EMS Captain, and an EMS Chief. Gullion claims, “I volunteered because I love helping people and giving back to my community.” Both Gullion and her husband, Jason Gullion, were long term members at Darlington Volunteer Fire Company. 

     “My husband Jason has been my biggest supporter, he cheers me on, and I have gotten braver to reach out to people. We both sew and embroider and he’s my computer guru. We are looking forward to obtaining our official business license and growing in 2021.” While Jason Gullion is a full time EMS Lieutenant with Baltimore City Fire Department, he helps Gullion with her projects in his spare time. 

     While Thompson Valley Embroidery and Sewing is not limited to mask making, Gullion claims that without a doubt her favorite project so far has been helping to keep her community safe with her masks. Together the Gullion’s donated their time to making masks for every single member of the Darlington Volunteer Fire Company. 

     Graduating with the class of ‘94, Gullion’s credits courses such as home economics, horticulture, and agriculture for fueling her independence and craftiness. While she didn’t plan on starting a career with her sewing skills, she’s glad that she can do her part and that her talent can be used to help those in need.

     Gullion mainly operates online through Facebook, where she advertises and promotes custom made products such as her face masks and wooden signs. With the support of family and friends, Gullion’s business continues to grow. While providing custom masks for all ages, Gullion strives to keep her community safe during the pandemic.