“You’re so Golden”; Styles shines at top of charts

Jake Gay, Reporter


     Since the indefinite hiatus of the beloved boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has created a career of his own. Notably, in 2017 he starred in a lead role in the academy award winning film Dunkirk, as well as some late night television. Styles has also continued to woo fans with his own music, his debut album was released in 2017 and was given very high praise by fans and critics alike.

      More recently, Styles released a second album last year which also has gotten positive ratings. The album Fine Line including smash hits “Adore You”, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Golden.” These three popular songs have also been made into highly appraised music videos.  The most recent video release of which being “Golden” was posted late last month.

      The video was posted to Youtube on October 26, and had accumulated over 40 million views in the first two weeks, with over 3 million likes. Senior Caroline Ulmer describes “when Harry announced the music video would be coming out, I was so excited! Although, it was very suspenseful to sit on Youtube and wait for it to be released, but it was worth it.”

      The video features Styles in a remote Italian town while he drives a sports car,  swims in a ravine and has a good time the way only Harry Styles can. Ulmer thought that, “the scenes in the video were so pretty and it fit the song really well. It was unlike any of his other content while still having parallels to other music videos which I found really cool, and it is a super fun thing Harry does in his music and videos.”

     Fellow Senior Aspen Vineyard, admitted that “I was crying by the end.” Vineyard also said that the video was “phenomenal.” Similarly to Vineyard’s description of the video, Emily Johnson said she enjoyed the “positive energy” from the video.  Johnson also added the “hidden antidotes only some fans will spot, make it much more entertaining.” Closing her review, Johnson mentioned “the video really shows Harry’s artistic ability and style, and that for me, makes it stand out.”

     The video is released ahead of Styles’ highly anticipated tour scheduled for 2021. Many have already bought tickets and most concerts have now been sold out for months. The Love on Tour concerts will take place all over, from “Carolina” to across the globe It is believed by fans that Styles will be playing all of his greatest hits (including songs from Fine Line). There has been speculation that he may include some One Direction numbers. 

     Many fans eagerly await Styles’ young career to unfold,  as he continues to “Treat People With Kindness,”  serenade to a “Sweet Creature” and shares tender thoughts “From the Dining Table.” Styles has yet to announce any more upcoming albums, but what is overwhelmingly obvious is that it will be “Lights Up” on  Harry for a long, long time ahead.