Little Nightmares release; One million copies sold


Little Nightmares 2 promo art

Paige Webster, Reporter

      Released on February 11, 2021, Little Nightmares 2 caught the attention of many online streamers and private players. In the game you play as Mono who is a boy trapped in a world “distorted by the humming transmission of a distant Signal Tower.” Early in the game you meet and rescue a girl who, most know, is the young girl Six from the first game. Together they set out to unearth the secrets of the desolate world while trying to outsmart the monstrous residents trying to capture them.

      Horrors lurk around every corner in the sinister city. This game of hide and seek creates an uneasy and ominous setting similar to the original, this time with an entirely new set of antagonists hunting you through a variety of dread-inducing locations. With just 5-7 hours of gameplay developers wasted no time creating many exhilarating experiences; where even the fleeting moments of peace bring about a strong sense of foreboding.

      Though at times the few combat mechanics can be considered “wonky”, it utilises the plot and spacing of the surrounding world where many of the puzzle-solving and stealth mechanics continue to challenge players to really see from the perspective of Mono and Six.

      Little Nightmares 2 has grown quickly in its popularity among the gaming world with sales hitting a big milestone of a million sales in under a month. publisher Bandai Namco reported. By comparison, the original Little Nightmares was announced as having hit a million sales over a year after it’s initial launch date back in 2017. With combined sales of the two games the Little Nightmares franchise has now over five million copies sold.

      When asked about the game, sophomore Rylie Richardson stated “I heard it’s genuinely scary, but it looks really well made. It looks really interesting.”

      Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe stated it’s plans to continue growing the series, including a potential mobile game Very Little Nightmares and a digital comic for both iOS and Android devices. “Bandai Namco is invested in continuing this growth, both with games and other entertainment content, to ensure the lasting success of the franchise,” the publisher wrote. However, Tarsier Studios have decided to place a 3rd game on the back burner as they prepare and proceed to develop other games.

      Little Nightmares 2 builds on the first game well, staying true to the lore of the original and reiterating subtle hints and themes without the risk of being repetitive and ‘in your face’. Focusing on an unsettling atmosphere, detailed character design, and knowing how to get scares without blatant cliche horror tropes, it’s no wonder it sold so many copies and receives the praise it does.