Video games are getting seasonal fun; New features to accompany spooky atmosphere

Kensington Boyanich, Business Manager


     With the spooky season upon us video games are getting updates to fit the new season and spirit. From games like Call of Duty: Warzone a first-person shooter game to Grounded, a small-scale indie cartoon style survival, adventure game. 

     Nintendo has joined in on the creativity with updates to their newest Animal Crossing game, ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s.’ describes the new update will include, “Spooky items and Halloween costumes.” The article also states that the game will hold a celebration for Day of the Dead, a traditional Mexican holiday. The update will also include more fall items including acorns and pinecones. 

     Freshman Kavin Carter, an Animal Crossing player talks about the new spooky updates and features being added. “I love picking on Tom Nook and I’m excited to try and find new ways to do it,” he states.

       Carter talks about how he is more into saving his bells, which is the in-game currency, but he still plans on buying new items and decorations that may be coming to the shops to spice up his island. “I want to be an architect, so I love being able to create my own island and area.” Carter also talks about how he already has purchased a dinosaur outfit for his character. 

     Another popular game getting new features is, Fortnite. This first-person shooter game developed by Epic Games named this event, “Fortnitemares” and is adding new skins that players can purchase in the item shop. These skins include classic movie monsters including, Frankenstein’s monster. This update will include “new maps, games, experiences, and cosmetics,” says PCGamesN. Epic Games also announced that they will be wrapping up the event with a “Short Nite film festival.” This will feature short films based on the “ghoulish and sinister.”

     Sophomore Donovan Beck says he is, “excited for the new season.” Beck is looking forward to the new season, especially the return of the “cube, named Kevin.” Fortnite fandom describes ‘Kevin’, as a “Storyline object first appearing in Season 5. It is a main part/antagonistic object of Seasons 5,6 and Chapter 2 of Season 8.” He states that the new season is also introducing a gold cube named, Glevin. 

     When asked about the new skins that are coming Beck says he is most likely to purchase ‘Willow.’ “It looks creepy, so I am probably going to buy it.” He says he may watch the film festival event but isn’t sure yet. When asked why he enjoys the game Beck states, “I like the events and the storyline that the game has.”

     Other students have shared their favorite horror games including, Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil, and Outlast.