Harford County’s only flight school; A runway to opportunity


    Conveniently located in the heart of Harford County, just fifteen minutes from I-95 located at the Harford County Airport, is our communities only flight school. Established by Kevin Hess, a Harford County native who began his aviation career in 1985, Hess has made it his mission to make flight training more enjoyable and accessible, especially in Harford County. After flying all over the world, Hess returned to Harford County taking over an old flight school in 1997, now known as Harford Air.

       Harford Air strives to provide its community with quality flight education in a safe, energetic atmosphere. Along with this Harford Air is a 141-flight school; to earn this title a flight school must follow a syllabus approved by the FFA as well as meet standards such as the thorough approval processes. To maintain their 141 status, for example, a sum of successful student-pass rates is required. 

      Offering a wide variety of services, Harford Air is equipped with educators, a full-service maintenance facility, and even sight-seeing rides. Along with this, Harford Air’s convenient pilot shop is stocked with pilot supplies, exclusive Harford Air merchandise, and a variety of fuels are optional for purchase.

      Along with Kevin Hess, the majority of Harford Air’s staff is made up of countless Harford County natives. Kim Miller, office manager, as well as Johnna Bachman, assistant office manager, grew up in Harford County. Numerous pilots have become a Harford County resident, such as David Kleponis, a full-time mechanical engineer, and Duane Wallace, a retired elementary school principle.

       The pilots of Harford Air are no strangers to the sky. Chief Flight Instructor, Charles Schulze, began his aviation career in 1983, serving as an Army Aviator. Schulze later received his Commercial Airplane and Helicopter ratings in 1989. Harford Air’s Chief Flight Instructor has been with them since 2012. 

      Joining Schulze on the runway is a team who share passion for aviation including David Kleponis, Duane Wallace, Erik Kotkas, Sebastian Patino-Velasco, Rene Johnputty, and newest to the team Certified Flight Instructor: Brad Jacobson. Two years ago, Jacobson began his flight career, while pursuing his interest in aviation. 

      Harford Air’s mechanic staff includes Kevin Hess, Nicholas Hess, and Anthony Svezzese. Anthony “Tony” Svezzese, joined Harford Air in 2016, later becoming a Certified Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic as of October 2016. Svezzese served in the Navy as a Jet Engine Mechanic. Meanwhile, youngest on staff, Nicholas Hess has been surrounded by various role models who share a passion for aviation. 

          Praised for their service, Harford Air hopes to continue providing and educating their community. As Harford County residents embrace the approach of spring, Harford Air hopes to welcome new members. North Harford’s own Adams, food educator, states, “It’s great for beginners due to the size of the airport it is less intimidating than a vast airport. The people there are very nice, very educated.”