Love it or leave it; Students view on high school relationships


  “Who’s dating who?” and “why’d they break up?” are the constant phrases stirring around high schools according to junior Morgan Buckland. She explains the “constant drama and high expectations” is what has drawn her away from having a relationship. 

     Junior Kaylyn Shew and Buckland both agree that high school relationships can aid someone’s love life for their future connections. Shew mentions that dating in high school is “the perfect opportunity to find what you like and don’t like in a relationship.” Buckland adds that this is the time to “prepare yourself” for what to expect in the real world. 

     Senior Juls Jackson comments on how dating different people throughout high school has shaped her into who she is today. She “thanks” the life lessons boys have taught her. Learning through these experiences Jackson is given a “different perspective” on how to treat different scenarios in a relationship. 

     Just as Taylor Swift said in her song “Fifteen”, “when somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.” Buckland believes teenagers are vulnerable to “love” due to wild emotions and raging hormones.

     Through the good and the bad, Shew believes that the breakups are what teaches one the most in a relationship. She states, “tough breakups is what teaches you how to love and better yourself, for yourself.”

     Jackson adds a common, unhealthy,  mistake most teenagers make is “relying on someone else’s happiness to feed your own wellbeing.” She believes this is the worst thing you can do in a relationship because you then become dependent on your significant other. 

     The senior mentions “you should never, ever, rely on someone else’s feelings because they aren’t a guaranteed forever.” Buckland relates to Jackson by including all she needs in life is herself, to be happy and fuel her carefree day. 

     Though high school relationships can be messy, Jackson is glad in the long run she has been able to form “amazing memories and connections that will never leave [her] mind.” Shew also is grateful for all the “lessons [she] has learned to better [herself.]”        

     Buckland is hopeful one day she will find someone who loves themself as much as she loves herself “to create a healthy bond.” She says, “Nobody has really stuck out to [her] and [she] doesn’t want to waste time just to get hurt.”