Making most of time; Every second counts

Kylie Redding, Op/ed editor

“You only live once.” This short and sweet sentiment seems to be the motto that many people live by. But saying it is the easy part, remembering to implement it into real life is where the challenge arises. So how do North Harford students make the most of their time on this planet?
Lexi Wood, junior, stated that “I feel like my weeks go by pretty fast because I’m always busy.” She continues to explain that she works 20 hours a week, and when she’s not at work she’s doing schoolwork, at the dance, or spending time with her loved ones.
Though Ian Calhoun, sophomore, agrees that “weeks fly by” he feels that “days are slow.” Calhoun also added that “time goes a lot faster when I’m doing a lot at once or when I’m doing something due soon.”
In terms of making the time in her day count, Wood shared that “I always multitask. I can’t just sit and do something_ I have to have many things going on at once.” To elaborate on this, she explained “for example, if I’m watching TV, I like to color or do my homework, or if I’m just listening to class, I like to get extra work done to stay ahead.”
Calhoun tries “to keep [himself] doing something all day.” He described that “in-between classes, I relax so I can be ready for my next class and after the school’s over I’ll sometimes paint or I’ll talk to my friends.” Similar to Wood, Calhoun seems to keep busy during the day.
Though productivity is important, according to, it’s equally important to slow down once in a while and be “mindful of the present moment.” For both Wood and Calhoun, the process of staying in the present involves meditating.
Calhoun explained, “I meditate, and I use different methods to bring myself down to earth and ground myself.” He reflected that “it keeps me very calm and focused and just overall puts me in a better mood.” Other than meditating, Wood also practices yoga when she gets “anxious or stressed.”
Wood not only focuses on making the most of her days, but she also has many aspirations of how she hopes to spend the time in her life. While pondering her future, Wood stated “I wanna travel the world, I wanna go to beaches and especially Greece.” Wood also explained that she also wants to have a family, be a speech pathologist, and spend a lot of quality time with her friends.
Calhoun’s life aspirations also include travel. He shared “I want to travel a lot with my friends and family and just make the most out of my life.” He added, “I’m just gonna go with the flow and live life as much as I can.”
In the end, Wood says “don’t focus on all the fears and worries life brings you because there’s a positive side to almost every story.”