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New update changes everything

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    September 17, 2014: The day everything changed. Apple has officially released the brand new iOS 8 update and the views are not unanimous.

    Messages. Now, when the notification pops up on the top of the screen, the user can pull down the message while staying in the app. So if you’re still playing Flappy Bird and your mom texts you to remind you to put on your ointment, you can scroll down the message, answer her, and continue on with the game.

    “I like being able to scroll down on the notification of a message and answer it right away. But, the smart bar is weird and it gets in the way… it’s annoying,” states senior Grace Sexton.

    Photos. The update brought back deleted pictures and even wiped out some users’ entire photo albums. Now, when a user tries to delete pictures, they have to delete them twice. The iOS 8 update waits 30 days to completely delete any picture. So, when you take some really ugly selfies, make sure you delete them twice.

    “I don’t really like the whole new photo thing… Now I have to delete pictures twice and that’s annoying,” says Zach Shubert.

    Sharing. Families that have multiple Apple devices can now share everything from photos to music to apps. So now the teenager that listens to hard rock will get media from his parents who enjoy classical music and his younger sister who listens to strictly One Direction.

    Design. For the new update, the design of a few apps changed. But overall, iOS 8’s layout looks extremely similar to iOS 7’s.

    Health. This new health app is found to be pointless for many of the new iOS 8 users. Without the Apple watch, the user has no use for the health app. If someone does have the watch though, they can keep track of distance they walked or calories they lost, etc.


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New update changes everything