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New deli line raises cafeteria sales

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New deli line raises cafeteria sales

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   As this school year has started, many might have noticed some new additions to the cafeteria, notably the deli line. Several other schools in the county have already incorporated a deli line in their cafeteria as well, which inspired the cafeteria staff at NHHS to add one of their own.

    “Our goal was to up our sales,” says food and nutrition manager, Earliene Klapka. “Kids like Subway, so adding the deli line has already upped our sales quite a bit. We are planning to add some more recipes as the year progresses.”

     At the end of the last year, the cafeteria staff began to plan for the new deli line. Patterson Mill High School invited them to observe how their faculty was managing their deli.

     “We went to Patterson Mill to see how we should run ours, they were very helpful and friendly, and gave us a bunch of great ideas,” says cafeteria staff member, Jenn Tribull.

     Some students have been hesitant to purchase school lunches in the past, but this new healthier alternative has many buying school lunches again.

     “I had a chicken caesar wrap, and I had plenty of time to eat with my friends. I really liked it, it was definitely a lot better than regular cafeteria food,” said freshman Taylor Sunan.

     Even teachers have started purchasing lunches from the cafeteria deli line. According to Klapka, an email with the menu is sent out to teachers and faculty every week. Staff can email back if they would like a specific sandwich or salad, then pick it up whenever they have lunch.

    “We get our produce fresh from a company in Baltimore city, which we refrigerate as soon as possible,’ states Klapka. “We check the temperature throughout the day, and throw out anything that is too warm or too old.”

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New deli line raises cafeteria sales