Nuts show major health benefits including reduced weight gain, mental health factors


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     Nutritionists have known the positive health benefits of eating nuts, including preventing heart disease and packing vitamins and minerals. New research suggests they can also impact mental health positively.

     Not only are nuts a good source of fat, fiber and protein, but they also are showing signs of reducing factors for metabolic syndrome, including high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as described by Healthline, a site aiming towards sharing health benefits and sharing medical information to its readers

     Lower risks of heart disease has already been spotted when shopping for nuts, but they can also improve blood sugar levels and lower your risk of certain cancers; almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, and peanuts all coming as clear winners when it comes to causing a dramatic drop in cancer rates.

     Medical News Today explains how “increasing daily nut consumption by half a serving was linked with a smaller risk of gaining [4.41 pounds] of weight over a four-year period. Walnuts were also seen to be linked to a 15% lower obesity risk for consumption of a half serving. 

  Selenium is a mineral that can also protect against cancer, but it can make depression more manageable by improving mood and reducing anxiety. Selenium is present in walnuts, Brazil nuts, some seafood, and organ meats. Zinc is another dietary source that may help improve the symptoms of depression, also present in nuts and specifically pumpkin seeds. 

     Although there are many positive factors in consuming nuts, some people unfortunately have allergies that can restrict their options of food. Junior Kevin Diem faces this issue and says that “it sucks for people who are allergic to nuts like me because they are finding ways that they help people and I can’t have that.” Junior Gavin Barker explains that “it’s great that people are finding ways to help themselves by using nuts.” 

     Based on information given my nutritionists, nuts have many positive qualities that can benefit the human body greatly, and should be taken advantage of. For those allergic, there are many other foods that share the same benefits, such as fish and other organ meats.