Spreading kindness

TORI GAY, Sports Editor

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Day 1: At cross country practice I noticed Coach O’Leary was having a bad day so I told her how much I enjoyed running this year and that she was the reason I came to practice everyday with a smile. Later in the week, she told me that it really helped her that day and it helped her push out the rest of the week

Day 2: My 82 year old grandfather got a new “job” helping a younger man with his farm fields, so I texted him and told him congratulations on his new job and he told me that made his whole day.

Day 3: I noticed someone at our cross country race was thinking about giving up so as I ran past then I gave them some words of encouragement to help them through the race.

Day 4: I was walking through the hallway when I saw a girl having trouble opening her locker. You could tell she was getting very frustrated so I decided to sit down and help her; after a few minutes we got it opened and she continued on with her day. 

Day 5: Today I decided to help my mom over at her school (North Harford Elementary), I knew she had a huge class this year so I just went over and helped her with the little things like organizing her desk, etc.

Overall, this challenge was surprisingly unchallenging. It’s crazy how easy it is to do something nice for someone