Gratitude challenge

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Gratitude challenge


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Day One, October 25

Thanking my mom via text message 

Today I decided to text my mom a little paragraph thanking her, because I know personally my mom literally does so much for me and she often goes under appreciated. I also think this was a really nice gesture because my mom is in Europe right now on deployment for the Air National Guard. Since she’s so far away I thought a heartfelt message would help her feel at home. It made me feel good that I was able even in a small way I was able to let my mom know how much she means to me. 


Day Two, October 26

Bringing candy into work 

Today I decided to treat my coworkers by bringing in some french candy into work. We have been very crazy and super busy the last month so I thought this would be nice for them. They all really enjoyed trying the foreign flavors and brands of candy and it was fun to see all their reactions and if they liked it. 


Day Three, October 27

Letting someone merge 

Today I decided to do something small that I rarely do; letting someone merge in front of me in traffic. This is such a small thing but I know for me personally, it always makes me happy when someone else lets me in front of them. I’m always in a rush to get to work or school that it always slips my mind. So today in the middle of rush hour I let someone merge in front of me, so I slowed a little bit to allow them to be able to go. Except the car behind me honked and flipped their middle finger at me. This really shows how we need more kindness as a society because I literally slowed down slightly yet to the person behind me that was such a huge deal they felt the need to honk at me. 


Day Four, October 28

Planning a birthday surprise for my best friend 

Today was my best friend Colin’s birthday, and since he does so much for me I decided to plan a big surprise for him. I drive him to school every morning, so today I got him his favorite coffee from dunkin, pancakes, and his favorite candy and covered my passenger seat with balloons and his card and gift. Although I already planned to do this, the challenge really made me think of how grateful I am for him and that I really enjoyed seeing him feel happy and appreciated because that’s what he always does for me. 


Day Five, October 29

Calling my grandparents

Today I called my grandparents, which is a task I wish I did more. My grandparents have always done so much for me from always feeding me to giving me rides literally anywhere I ask. It was nice just to talk to them, just to see how they are doing, without asking them for any favors. I wish I visited more, but being able to call every once in awhile is something I’m going to try to do more.