Young entrepreneur impacted by Covid; businessman faces uncertain future

Colby Criss, Reporter

     Coming out of high school, some people are looking for basic 9-to-5 to get the paycheck consistently, some are looking to going to college, and others want to do something community-related.  One former NH student ventured into selling essential oils and starting his own business.

     Alumnus Samuel Badders explains life “hasn’t been too bad since graduating.” Badders explained how he started Midnight Alchemy. “My friend and I came up with a plan for Midnight. “We wanted to help others with natural healing things. So we started with a few roll-ons and other products.”

      As his business was beginning to take shape,  COVID-19 struck.  It took a hit on multiple businesses, including Badders. “When COVID-19 hit it seemed people were not buying as much, and it dwindled to barely getting one sale a week. We made a joint decision that it was time.” Badders added that he is “not sure if we will be able to continue. Maybe after some time we will rebrand and try to start anew…”

     Reflecting on his time at NH, Badders said “the school has changed so much since I was there.”  He added that he was “not a popular kid” and that he “was quiet and considered the dork.” Badders notes. “I was bullied a lot in high school. I was only 5 feet [in height] at the time and barely weighed 100 lbs. It was not easy back then, especially keeping the secret I was gay. I had to hide who I was for fear of even more bullying.” He said, “it [being gay] was just something that still was not accepted; even at home, I had to hide it…”.