Students finding fun ways to exercise; Getting creative without sports

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     While students are not doing sports, they have had to get creative to keep their body moving in fun ways. To stay motivated, they produced fun ways to exercise.  

     According to Very Well Fit, exercise has so many benefits, and is important for everyone. “Getting started on a routine exercise habit is the hardest part,” Very Well Fit reports. According to Very Well Fit, having fun while exercising is the best way to do it, because it tricks your body into liking exercise. 

     “One way I have been keeping myself active in a fun way is Just Dance,” sophomore Reese Showalter states. She says that doing regular workouts gets boring, and it is hard for her to stay motivated to do them every day. She says doing something fun and different helps her get exercise in, without hating it.  

      “I think more people should try to just dance as an exercise because if you do the dance full out you are tired at the end.” Showalter says. According to the sophomore, even if you don’t have disks for Just Dance, you can look them up on YouTube.  

     “When I exercise, I like to watch a show on Netflix to make me forget about exercising, and just focus on what I am watching,” junior Ava Lewis says. According to Lewis, watching a show while exercising makes it go by faster, and makes it more fun.  

      Lewis states that if you have a show to watch dedicated for only when you exercise, it makes her look forward to exercising to watch her show. Lewis says she loves running on the treadmill while watching an episode on Netflix.  

     Junior Kaitlyn Mulholland says, “Lately I have been hula hooping 20 minutes a day because I have been hearing it is an effective way to be active without making me miserable.” According to Mulholland she saw this trend on Tik Tok and decided to try it herself and has enjoyed it so far.  

      “Hula hooping has made my life so much easier because now it doesn’t take hours for me to get up and get active, I look forward to it every day,” Mulholland states. She says she is going to try to continue to do it or the next few months.  

     “My favorite way to exercise is by working out with friends,” junior Lexi Gainey says. According to Gainey working out with friends makes her enjoy it a lot more than when she is alone. She says her friends push her to work hard and to better herself.  

      “Working out with friends just makes it so much more fun and I think everyone should try it,” Gainey states. She says it changed her life when she started to do it.