Students have ignited incense; The upsides and downsides




     Incense burning is a trend among the spiritual community, and one of the scents gaining popularity is sage. According to mbglifestyle, this scent is used to cleanse the energy in a room.  However, this is not the only scent being used.

     In an ETimes article, the author states that, “…these products contain strong properties which activate the body’s receptors.” Activating receptors increases the healing process physically and mentally. 

    Many North Harford students had some differing thoughts on incense. One student, senior Caroline Ulmer, uses incense every day.  Not only does she use it to cleanse her space but she always says, “I use it to cleanse my crystals and my school desk.”  According to crystals are also something many spiritual people believe to help the soul

   Ulmer personally gets her incense from a market in Forest Hill. One other important belief to note is that different scents, along with natural elements and herbs, can do different things for the body. 

     Ulmer uses a lily scent that she says, “… boosts [her] mood and creates a calm environment.” According to, this body and space cleanser is also known to have carcinogens inside, Ulmer notes, “Any type of smoke isn’t good for you… I keep a window open and make sure my pets aren’t around.” Overall, Ulmer believes incense used in a safe amount and space helps her a lot through stress and having a spiritual connection. 

     On the other side of things senior, Aliyah Gomez had never had any bad side effects so she was not aware of the negatives. Gomez says, “I am not aware of any negatives… incense is not for everyone some people think the scents are overpowering.” 

     Since Gomez was not aware of any side effects, when told about them she said, “Wow, I was not aware of this, but I do keep windows open and don’t burn it too often.” Gomez also believes in other spiritual things like meditation, manifesting, crystals, tarot cards, and different types of readings as well. 

     She likes that the incense cleanses her mind, surroundings, and her crystals. Her favorite ways to access incense is through Amazon or places like Target and Walmart. Gomez says, “My favorite scents are Dragons Blood, Patchouli, Black Tourmaline, and Lavender. Gomez is another huge fan who believes even with the risks, as long as you burn incense  in a safe way, it is an amazing outlet to free your mind and keep some inner peace. 

     Cool Things Chicago says the top three incense scents are SandalWood, Rose, and Lavender. SandalWood is known for “promoting focus and concentration.” This is often something most people seem to look for in incense considering most people use it for relaxation and calming effects. 

     According to Cool Things Chicago Rose scents are often used for meditation and healing. Lastly, Lavender soothes and freshens the air. There are ups and downs to incense as there are with many styles of healing and meditating. But, it seems many students have taken a liking to the old tradition and intend to continue to use this for some good energy.