Students share tricks; Slumber is right around the corner

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     A good slumber is right around the corner if you follow these tips and tricks.  

     Junior Madison Quick says she has many things she does before bed at night. She feels she sleeps better when she pays attention to what she eats closer to bedtime. “I try not to eat anything too filling later in the night; if I do eat, it is small snacks,” Quick states.  

     Quick says she feels much better not having large portions of food late at night, and if she is hungry after dinner, she has a small snack. Quick also cuts caffeine off after noon. She says she has realized a big difference in her sleep since she has cut back on her daily caffeine intake.  

     “Before I sleep, I make sure my room is comfortable for me to sleep in,” junior Madalyn Rhoades says. Rhoades explains that she finds when her room is messy, it is harder for her to get a good night’s rest. The junior said she  tries to tidy up before sleeping, only because it makes her feel more comfortable, and rests easier.  

     “I also have a routine I do every night, to get in the mindset that it is time to rest,” Rhoades states. The student says  it is just normal things like brushing her teeth, washing her face, and journaling and reading. She says having a routine helps her body know when it is time to sleep.  

     Junior Vance Haire says the best thing he has ever done for his sleep, but also his health in general, is working out. Working out five to six days a week has helped him in every way possible Haire explains. “I find that getting physical activity every day has made me happier and healthier and more ways than I could have imagined,” Haire states.  

     “I also use a noise machine, to block out other noises and distractions,” Haire says. According to Haire, he has a big family and blocking out the noises from them has helped his sleep.  

     “Essential oils have been my life saver when it comes to sleep,” junior Emily Messick says. Messick says lavender essential oil has helped her in numerous amounts of ways and spraying a bit on her pillow has helped a ton. According to Messick she started doing this because at spas, they have numerous amounts of essential oils and candles, and that is why spas are so relaxing.  

     Messick says yoga has helped her a lot as well. “Doing a bit of yoga before bed, specifically nighttime yoga, has helped me relax and my mind stop racing before bed,” Messick says.She says she is so  happy she has found these tricks that work for her, and hope they can help others too.