Slather on sunscreen; Staying healthy in the sun

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

     Most just put on sunscreen on a hot day at the beach, or to go swimming, but sunscreen is important for everyday use and has multiple benefits.  

     Junior Morgan Buckland  says, “I started wearing sunscreen every day about six months ago, and I have seen drastic changes in my skin.” Buckland explains that her skin feels healthier and has a glow to it now that she wears sunscreen every day.  

     “Just adding sunscreen to the last step of your morning skincare routine saved my life,” Buckland states. According to Buckland, many don’t care to wear sunscreen every day, especially in the winter, even though it protects your skin from harmful UV rays and decreases the risk of getting cancer.  

     Junior Courney Jacobs  says she started wearing sunscreen last summer after being outside so much, to prevent early skin aging and wrinkles. “I saw people talking about wearing it every day on social media and decided I should do it too,” Jacobs says.  

     Freshman Lexi Lewis  says she gets sunburnt extremely easy, and so she started wearing it and reapplying all the time throughout the day. “I hated getting burnt all the time, it is the most uncomfortable feeling and hated how my face was always red, so I am glad I made the decision to wear it,” Lewis stated.  

     Senior Jackson Miller  says he started wearing sunscreen so much because he runs a landscaping business and was outside so much and got way too much sun. “It is annoying to have to remember to put it on repeatedly throughout the day, but I know I will regret it if I let my skin burn all day throughout the spring and summer,” Miller says.  

     “I would suggest every single person wear sunscreen every day, it will prevent you from looking 50 when you are only 20,” Miller says. Miller says it takes less than a minute to put on, so everyone should start wearing it every single day. According to Miller it even protects your skin from lights from your phone, laptop, and tv.  

     According to Unity Point Health, there are multiple reasons to wear sunscreen. It also keeps you looking young, and too much sun exposure is the number one cause of skin aging. “Using sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy or raining, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer,” Unity Point Health says.  

     Unity Point Health also says that sunscreen keeps the skin tone even and says there are so many options when it comes to sunscreen. There are different shades, textures, built in moisturizers, sprays, powders, it never ends, so there is no excuse when it comes to applying it.