Trying new things; It can impact your wellbeing


Several students find themselves stuck when searching for new methods to help them mentally and physically. Senior Haley Ries, describes keeping a balance of her mental and physical health as “tiring and complicated.” 

     Ries is one of many students who runs a tight busy schedule. She works everyday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.  and takes high school and college classes during the day. This is a common issue found throughout many students.

     Ries struggles to find time for things like meditation, diet, and exercise. She describes this as “the most common things people tell you to do.” One thing it described as something “people often overlook” by is the Health Benefits of trying new things. states, “When you learn two plus two equal four it won’t do you any good to keep learning 2 + 2 = 4.” It is said that our body needs to learn to grow. says that it will not only make you feel good but it will help your body adapt and grow to new things and help you thrive. 

     When Ries was introduced to the idea, she was very excited and shocked. She states, “When being so busy 24/7 it is easy to look over the simple things.” She was not the only one who was shocked. Senior Aliyah Gomez said, “I can directly see the connection here.” 

     Gomez explained that she often finds thrill in trying new things. It was something she just did not really see as benefiting her health. mentions that it is as simple as even just changing a step in your workout routine. They say, “… if you do the exact same workout forever, your body is going to get bored.” It is as simple as changing a step in your normal routine. describes change in a routine as growth and something your body can learn from. Gomez explains, “A lot over quarantine I felt stuck and getting in a workout routine really changed my life for the better.” This is just one student seeing the effects of how a simple lifestyle change can heal some parts of you.

     At a time for students especially where you get stuck in the same old routine in a not so perfect environment, believes it is important to keep this evolving lifestyle. Something that can keep you moving and continue to keep you healthy.