Starting a new chapter; English teacher joins teaching staff

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    Ms. Emilie Keith has traded in her status as a CMW Mustang as a high school student for her wings  as a teacher at NHHS beginning this year.

    Keith first went to Harford Community College majoring in English and then to Towson University to get her BA in secondary education.

 The recent addition to the faculty at NH said she hopes to get to know her students and that she can be an interactive teacher with interactive lessons. “I guess I’m hoping to leave my class inspired,” Keith said.

    Though Keith is an English teacher, there is something students will find surprising about her.    She is actually afraid of public speaking. “They [students] wouldn’t know that right off the bat because I’m very energetic and very lively, but when I was growing up,  I hated public speaking,” Keith says.

     There are certain reasons Keith chose to teach at North Harford. She loves North Harford and the kids in the school. Keith is actually from Harford County. “I’m Harford county, born and bred,” Keith said. “All the staff I’ve met have been wonderful, so that definitely influenced my decision. The team oriented atmosphere is what I like the most.”

    Before coming to North Harford, Keith had pre-teaching experience at Fallston Middle School for 7th grade and student taught at Edgewood High School for 12th grade. The only difference she notice about student teaching at those schools is the diversity factor. “At Edgewood, the kids definitely come from two ends of the spectrum as our socio-economic backgrounds are concerned, but that also communicates here…,” Keith commented.

   “I love having them [students] go into the text and discover new things; I love looking through the world in somebody else’s eyes” Keith said. Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby.  


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