New school year brings new reconstructed tougher turf

Bethany Birchfield, News Editor

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Last school year a GMAX test, which measures the performance of a surface, was done on the turf field at NHHS. According to the test measures “the ratio of the maximum acceleration/deceleration that is experienced during an impact.” The turf however did not pass the test last school year.

Because of the failed test the turf and track have been under reconstruction since early August, and are expected to be finished by October first. This means the homecoming game should be happening right here at The Nest against Elkton on October 13th.

The turf is ready for use but they are currently waiting on the track to settle before athletes and fans are permitted in the area. Larrimore stated that the turf has “a lifetime of about 10 years” which allows for many more games and events to be held on the home turf in years to come.

Since fall teams didn’t have access to the turf and track at the moment, they have been practicing as well as having some of their home games on the grass fields.

Senior Lane Kavanagh runs Cross Country and admits, “The hardest part about not having the track is not having a good, flat surface to do speed workouts. Our coaches had to map out a new course for this season.” He continues, “I am excited for the new turf because we’ll be able have home games again and the new track is going to feel so much nicer than our old track.”

Field hockey is another sport that has been impacted by the turf reconstruction this school year. Senior Gracie Goetz is on the varsity team and reports, “On the grass we don’t get to experience the fast pace game that comes with turf. Grass is a lot slower… The new turf is going to be so nice. We will get to practice on it and play games on it!”

Goetz is also hopeful that they will be able to have their senior night on the new and improved turf field.

    Although some of the seasons home games have been relocated there was a fan bus for the football game on Friday September 22 since the scheduled home game was at Joppatowne High School.

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New school year brings new reconstructed tougher turf