Write for Change: New club features opportunities for students who join

Rebekah Keaton, Production Manager

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Do you like to volunteer, write, and or take action?  Do you want to get more involved with your community,  but don’t know how? Then think about joining the school’s club, Write for a Change.

Junior Lauren Seco began the club is working towards her gold award for Girl Scouts and started this club for a wide range of reasons.  “I’m really passionate about and student apathy towards issues in the community,” said the junior. “This club is meant to bring people together to improve and volunteer for our community through writing and actions.”

In the club, students will be researching issues that are occuring within the community and learning how to help solve them.  Students will be working on composing persuasive pieces on why everyone should do something to help solve the issues. The purpose of the club according to Seco is to inspire others to also care about the community and give out information that other students may never know otherwise.

The junior says, “I’m making this club to help promote students caring about the community with an educational twist.” She also hopes that all participants not only learn how to create great writing pieces but actually enjoy and care about what they are writing.

Currently in the club there are a total of ten people, and Seco definitely plans on recruiting more by advertising and using her resources like the morning announcements so people can really get a feel of what the club is about.

Interested students can contact Seco through the clubs remind with the code @writeforc where Where meeting dates and any other necessary reminders will be provided. English and Journalism teacher Mrs. Jen Chandler is the club’s advisor and passes for Hawk Soar meetings are available in her room, D207.


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