Teachers Got Talent: Gearing up for lip sync battle


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The yearbook staff is once again hosting the annual Teachers Got Talent event, with one major change; this year will the event is a lip sync edition.
Senior and yearbook staff member Nathan Robey explains that instead of only teachers participating, students can join the action with battles like student versus student, student versus teacher, or groups against groups. There will also be the smackdowns of teacher versus teacher.
Robey is counting down the days until this year’s edition of Teacher’s Got Talent and he hopes to see more participation with the inclusion of students and their “crazy acts.”
Mrs. Carla Harward commented that the yearbook staff “wanted to get the entire school involved” for a fun and exciting night out. With the addition of judges, there is even more opportunity for staff to get involved in some way.
Harward states, “It[the event] is such a fun night to see students in a different light, teachers in a different light, and it bring together the whole school.”
Senior Hunter Meisz also speaks of the night including that she’s “excited to see the teachers go all out.” After the hard work of finding teachers who want to participate, Meisz expresses that “it’s going to be legendary.” Meisz also includes a memory of last year’s edition where she got to paint a car for a prop used in Harward and Mrs. Jennifer Chandler’s act on stage.
Senior Savannah Deiter is excited for this year’s show because it is new concept, and she’s excited to see “new and old teachers come up to participate.”
An event such as this takes a number of people for it to be set up quickly and efficiently.
Deiter describes the difficulties of setting up Teachers Got Talent. “Everyone has to help out, and if they don’t then other people have to give up more time to get everything set up for the show.” Ms. Harward adds that “getting people to commit” and “writing a script” is also difficult for the set up of this show.
The event will take place on February 1 and tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

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Teachers Got Talent: Gearing up for lip sync battle