Future Teachers of America; Hands on teaching experience 

Rachel Keeney, H/S Editor

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Future Teachers of America is a club that allows students to work with Preschoolers and Elementary schools where they get a hands-on experience in a professional setting.

Keaton Campbell, the president of the club, has been in charge for 2 years. “To join the club, members must have good grades and be responsible hardworking students. Members must also volunteer in an elementary school every quarter,” Campbell says.  A typical club meeting includes gathering around the circle rug and leading a discussion about everyone’s placement. They then talk about their upcoming ‘Winter Wonderland’ in December and just answer some general questions the group may have.

Maddie Kramer, a senior, has been a part of the club since her freshman year. Although Kramer can’t attend every meeting, she shadows a teacher at Jarrettsville Elementary school to get more experience. Even though the club is designed for students to get some practice with teaching children, the club also opens other opportunities to help guide their future career.

Kramer says she wants to be a pediatric health worker now, and that “working with children and understanding them still gives me great experience for my future job.” Kramer also adds she is glad she was able to find what she really wanted to be by participating in the club.

Like Kramer, senior Madison Hall also is a part of the club but doesn’t necessarily want to be a teacher. Hall says that even though she doesn’t want to be a teacher, she knows she wants to work with young children when she is older, so getting the experience at elementary schools helps guide her decision.

Hall has been in the club her junior and senior year and she is currently the secretary. 

Senior Meghan Coyne has been with the club for 3 years. Coyne is the Vice President and helps run the ‘Winter Wonderland’, a large fundraiser they have around Christmas. Coyne also helps plan teacher appreciation gifts.

Coyne says that being in the club and working with different ages and grades has helped her decide what she would like to specifically major in. She also adds her favorite memory from being in the club is when they asked the students ‘What is one thing you could do to help mom around the house for Mother’s day?’ and a kid said, “Don’t bother her while she watches Days of our Lives so she won’t get mad”.

Senior Alley Keeney, another two  year member, says that “being in the club gives me hands on experience on what it’s like being in a classroom and it helps me work on my teaching skills for when I make lessons for the preschoolers.”