NH alumni pursuing military career


Chloee met with her brother for graduation from boot-camp in South Carolina.

Lauren Brandis, Reporter


     After graduating, alumni Tyler Roberson pursued the career of being in the military right after high school. He completed his bootcamp and was able to see his family while temporarily being stationed on base in North Carolina. Junior Chloee Roberson, Tyler’s sister, described the drive to be “emotional as the family got closer and closer to base…”

     Upon arrival the family was “filled with excitement” to finally see their son and brother. Chloee was “impatient” when getting onto base because she just wanted to “reconnect with [her] best friend.” On family day, Chloee was able to see her brother for the first time in three months.

     When the ceremonies of announcing the multiple military units concluded, Tyler was finally able to see his family. “It was so heartwarming having Tyler run out to us and giving me a big hug.” She continued with “it was the best feeling ever to just be in the moment with him. The hug felt like the warmest blanket surrounded by all his love.”

     According to Amanda Bruns of Veterans United, “members are required to maintain professionalism in uniform, personal displays of affection are typically frowned upon.” Tyler was only allowed to hug his family members for five seconds or less while in uniform.

     It was “scary” at first according to Chloee to see how much the military has changed her brother, and  she “just wanted his goofy self-back.”

    On graduation day “seeing the formality of how the men and women and how they walked shocked me because I knew this was the real deal of the military. It crazy to think MY brother is a part of this.” She continued with, “I am so proud of my brother and what he has become.” 

     For the short amount of time the Roberson family could reunite, they “made the best of every moment.” According to Chloee, she “got the chills when realizing [she] could only see [her] brother for the next two days.” During the trip the family could only stay on base, there were limited places to eat and activities to do. The family went bowling and to a military museum. She wanted to “take him home with [them].”

     When time was coming around for the family to say their goodbyes to Tyler, Chloee started to panic. The realization of her having to leave her “favorite person” was starting to hit. Her biggest fear is “being away from Tyler and not getting updates on his life.” At home Tyler was described to constantly be talking to Chloee and always keeping her in the loop.

     When pulling out of the military base the tears started to roll off Chloee’s face and didn’t stop the whole ride back to Maryland. During Tyler’s training, communication was only available through written letters and “they took a long time to deliver, sometimes they wouldn’t even reach Tyler.” Now that the family just saw Tyler communication will return back to its limited self. 

     After attending Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Tyler will be relocated and start his career. Chloee fears that “she won’t know where Tyler is, and all her thoughts are based off hope right now.” She wants Tyler to know she hopes “he is staying strong and humble like he was raised.”

     Tyler will get to come back to Harford County for his hometown recruiting in December. During his two-week return, he will be getting married to his fiancé, alumni Mackenzie Dailey.  Chloee is excited to see her “best friend around Christmas time because the holiday is for spending time with your family. This is perfect timing since we rarely see each other anymore.”

      Chloee Roberson reunites with her brother on military base. It’s been three months since seeing each other.