Quarantine causes conundrum for routine



News Editor 

     Working. Learning. Lounging. 

     During this time of crisis of COVID-19, people are finding themselves home a lot more than they used to be. 

     Having to stay home is not what people are used to, causing them to have to adapt to everyday life actions. Working from home, doing school online, working out in the basement, cooking more often, and wearing masks and gloves to go to the store are some adaptations people have been making to this pandemic.  

     Students and teachers at North Harford have mixed opinions about the pandemic and their daily quarantine routine. Junior Maddie Pawl says her typical day looks. like this. “I get up around 11 or 12, eat a good brunch, do schoolwork until around four, spend some time with family until around eight, then do some more schoolwork until I get tired and go to bed.” Pawl states her favorite part about quarantine is “getting to sleep but still be productive with school and other things” while her least favorite is “not being able to see my friends.” 

     Senior Will Becker has a different kind of day than Pawl, however there are some similarities. Becker states, “my day starts around 12pm with my messed-up sleep schedule. My day is basically half way over so I eat lunch, lay around, play on my phone, and occasionally might do homework. If it’s warm I’ll go outside and play basketball, talk to my family, then go lay in my bed and play video games until 3am.” Becker’s favorite part about quarantine is “living life stress free” while his least favorite part is “missing lacrosse season and not seeing my friends.” 

     Spanish teacher, Lori Rake, has a much different day than the students. Rake claims she “wakes up around 7 am and eat breakfast with my kids. I check my kid’s assignments for that day then login to my computer to complete professional development, grading and planning. I have lunch around 11:30 then go back to my computer to send emails and answers students questions, sometimes I will have virtual meetings. At three I begin planning and grading for the classes I teach at HCC and continue until around five, unless it is through Microsoft teams than it is until six or 6:30. I then have dinner and then spend time with my kids until bedtime.” The teacher’s favorite thing about quarantine is “having lots of family time and being surrounded by people I love”, while her least favorite thing is “not seeing my friends and being out and about.” She adds “she misses going to church.” Rake attends online services which she says are “nice but not the same.”