Exercising Online; Adapting classes


Students in an in-person gym class. It is unknown as to when in-person classes can resume. PHOTO CREDITS: PhotogragherGirl

Kensington Boyanich, Reporter

 The new online learning with virtual classes and no in-person contact is how the new curriculum will work until further notice.  Students and teachers in gym classes were asked about the changes in such a hands-on class.  

     “This virtual transition has been interesting in my content area for sure,” says Patricia Murdy a physical education teacher at North Harford High School. “I do ask for students to put on their camera so I can see them and interact with them daily.  I put them in together mode for roll call so I can put a name with a face.  It basically puts each student at a desk and deletes the background, so it looks more like a real classroom.”  

     Students were also asked their opinion on the new way to get active at home. “I find it easier to be in person and doing the activities since I do not have very much room to do some of them,” states freshman Megan Hauer. “The internet can cut out and sometimes it’s hard to understand what the teacher is saying, or it feels kind of awkward to participate in class discussions.”  

     Keeping students engaged can be hard and learning virtually can make this even harder. Murdy states how she uses an “icebreaker activity” to get to know her students. She also states how she will “have students either physically raise their hand or press the hand button to be called on in a discussion.”  

     Murdy says about submitting assignments that, “if I cannot see you warm-up for whatever reason, then you will have to make a 1 to 2-minute video of you warming up so I can see that you are participating.  In wellness walking we as a county are using the Map MFitness app.  Students will submit screenshots of their workout.  That will have a date duration of exercise and distance accumulated for an effort grade.” Hauer states how she keeps her camera on and how her, “teacher requires us to either keep it on during activity or send a video of us doing it.” This can allow teachers to ensure that their students are participating and the class and allow accurate grading. 

     Many students though would rather be participating in person though. Senior Maddie Pawlukovich says, “I would rather participate in person because finding things to do outside alone can get kind of boring.” 

      Students are also making sure to stay active outside of school. Junior Andrew Gainey says that he “goes outside and lifts weights every day.” Pawlukovich says, “I am still pretty active outside of school, I work a lot in a fast-paced moving environment and try to get outside with my siblings when I can.”