From the stage to behind screens, Band, chorus face roadblock with concerts

Evan Kuzemchak, Social Media Coordinator

Band and orchestra teacher Mr. John Wojciechowski and newly employed Chorus teacher Ms. Katelyn Hemling were faced with a challenge at the start of this school year, teaching kids music virtually. 

        Wojciechowski comments that “virtual learning presents a whole new set of challenges for teaching music [..] It just requires a lot of flexibility, creative problem solving, and determination to work through those challenges and find solutions.”

      Hemling agrees. “Virtual learning has definitely thrown us some curveballs and every day presents a new challenge.” She adds that it has made it too difficult at all! If anything, I think we will come out of this stronger because we have had to form a strong team to get our work done.” By working together Hemling has formed a strong team already.

      When it comes to school concerts, Wojciechowski says that concerts were one of the biggest challenges and “that [he is] still working on a solution for it.” He does “hope that [he is] able to put something together.  [he is] exploring options for how [he] might be able to put on a concert this year.”

      Hemling who is just as confused as Wojciechowski at this time. “All I know is that I  want to make them happen as soon as it is safe and we get the ‘all clear’ from the county and state.” Even though virtual learning is stopping us from the full school experience Hemling makes it clear that “[Her] top priority is making sure that all [her] students feel they are getting to experience choir while also feeling secure and safe in this environment.” Both Wojciechowski and Hemling have no word for the musical this year either as ideas are still floating around.

      Wojciechowski ends by saying he “would just like to thank [his] band, orchestra, and guitar students for being such awesome students so far this school year.  [They] have had to get creative on how we set up and organize the class.” Hemling closes with “how proud [she is] of [her] students. Their ability to adapt and work through this has kept [her] going and even though [she has] not met anyone in person [she] feel[s] like [she] already know[s] them.