Drama Club assists students in allowing voices to be heard

Annie Finholm, Reporter

     Lights, camera, action! There is a new, entirely virtual club that allows for creative and collaborative thinking, thoughtful pieces of art, and the discovery of one’s self, according to sophomore and association member Julia Eakes. 

      Drama Club, as stated by Eakes, consists of “a group of students who love theatre, sharing their voices, and having fun with each other.” Nancy Green, drama teacher and organization director, adds the club is “a place to get creative, have fun, and bond with others who share our passions for theatre and musicals.” 

     Eakes added that the organization allows her to be herself, as well as be surrounded by people with the same interests. Not only has this group of students given Eakes the ability to become more united with her true self, it has enabled her to “see some familiar faces and reconnect.” 

     Green encourages participation because “If you earn 100 or more hours of extra-curricular service on stage or backstage, you are eligible to be inducted into The International Thespian Society- an international theatre honor society. This looks great on college applications and resumes.” 

      The group’s goal, as stated by the sophomore, is to “perform a musical for the school and community” and promote “individuality and being yourself.” As of right now, says the sophomore, the organization is demonstrating this message by “organizing ways to perform virtually or alternatives to a normal musical. We do improvisation games, talk about theatre, and get to know each other.” 

     Green elaborates on the logistics of the club by stating, “In a normal year- [the association attends] a NYC trip to see a Broadway Show- have acting awards and end of the year banquet.” This group has also hosted, as claimed by the teacher, “talent shows, fun nights like Improv Nights, or Short Scene Nights in the theatre, and shows that benefit different charities…” 

      If someone was to join, they would, Eakes claims, “contact Mrs. Green or someone they know in drama club.” This option is open to everyone because, as stated by Eakes, and no experience is required to join. The group meets from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Friday on Microsoft Teams, according to the sophomore.  

     The organization member focuses on the importance of the club’s presence by stating, “it’s a space for people to share their voices and perform together without being judged.” With this association, Eakes and her peers can finally play the role of their true selves. 

     There are various roles of the members of this organization. The club member states the different officer positions are “[two] co-presidents, [a] vice president, [a] secretary, [a] treasurer, and [two] historians.” These roles allow for numerous tasks to be accomplished. Eakes elaborates on this by stating, “The presidents organize and run the meetings and the vice president assists them. The treasurer deals with the finances and budgeting and the secretary keeps us all organized. The historians help with outreach and communications.” While these positions have been filled for this year, Green says that the group will need all hands on deck to allow the organization to run smoothly.