French Club working hard online;

President finds fun for members

Lillian Weatherman, Reporter

 Bonjour from Madame Arist and the French Club. The organization isn’t just all French; it teaches you the history and provides the opportunity for students to interact.

     The group meets on Thursday and the president, Elena Schell, has been working with the other officers to plan virtual events and activities. “I prepare a Kahoot that has something to do with the month,” Schell explained. She also mentioned that they recently had a Halloween party. They celebrate French culture with holiday parties and before COVID would take trips to places like Virginia for a film festival and a restaurant in Baltimore.

     “Currently my favorite thing is interacting with other people,” Junior Madalyn Rhoades says. They have meetings just for officers and the president to make plans on what they are going to do for their next activity. She also says that it’s been hard since they cannot do their “usual parties and get togethers,” but they try their best to have fun and are continuing to make plans for their club.

     The French Club also welcomes anyone at any level of language. They even have a member that is taking German as well. Schell says, “We do our very best in order to make French Club accessible language wise to everyone despite their level.” She also says it’s easy to learn the basics of French and they play a lot of French games that help get the language down. 

    “We don’t really speak French during club time,” Madame Arist states. She adds “French Club is just a social club for kids that are interested in the culture.” The members do not really speak much French during club time. French Honor Society is based on academic achievement in French.

     Schell talks about what they are going to do next for the holiday “Even though the French do not really celebrate the holiday, we are trying our best to infuse our own festivities with as much French culture as possible,” she continues to say that as far as fundraisers they don’t have much going on.Schell also stated “Everything is virtual, so we do our best to have all activities free and simple to supply to the whole club.”