North Harford alumnus turned film student; Documents political division, UFOs

Evan Kuzemchak, Social Media Coordinator

A young documentary film student was living in Utah while the 2004 presidential election was kicking off. While searching for a big story, a pro-democrat rally was held. Since the majority of Utah are republicans, he knew covering this might be risky. But the young film student grabbed his camera and pressed record. Steven Greenstreet, 1995 North Harford graduate and producer of This Divided State, was that young film student who found his big story. 

     “From sun-up to sun-down I was filming interviews, protests, etc. For 10 straight weeks, seven days a week, I filmed and documented,” Greenstreet commented about filming This Divided State. Greenstreet said he “captured death threats, bribery attempts and many angry people on both sides.” He decided it was best to drop out of school to continue on his documentary.

    At the end of his experience, Greenstreet had maxed out four credit cards and turned his “footage into a feature length documentary.” According to The New York Times, this film was “filmmaking gold. Extremely moving.” Greenstreet says “with that, the rest of my career was set.”

     Greenstreet now works for The New York Post and is in a show called “The Basement Office,” which premiered in 2019. Greenstreet also contributes “to the “rapid news team” which he says is mostly just “keeping up with whatever is happening in the moment.” Greenstreet also finds time to research UFO’s.

     Greenstreet said his interest in UFOs was piqued after his own sighting. Greenstreets says he “saw a real UFO in November 2003.” He describes it as “a large, silent V-shaped craft slowly flew over me at night. It had blue lights on the bottom.” He adds, “normally, one might think this is a military aircraft or drone, but the craft was HUGE and it made ZERO sound. Modern aircraft require jets of some kind to stay in the air. Jets make noise. This UFO made no noise at all. It was quite unsettling.“

     15 years later The New York Post asked Greenstreet about “creating a video news series about UFOs” he “pitched, researched, outlined, wrote and crafted the series from scratch. [he] even built the show’s set.” Greenstreet says he is using “the show to not only shine a critical journalistic light on UFOs, but also to help me find more context to my personal sighting in 2003.”