Lighting up the Night: Holiday tractor parade connects community


Amy Boegner


     Although COVID-19 has taken so many things this year, holiday cheer is not one of those. Amy Boegner, the program director for Mason-Dixon Country received a message “from a mother telling me that her 3-year-old son said it was the best night of his life.”  

     A week before the event, Boegner had said, “there are 200 people that have registered on Facebook as attending.” The 200 registered turned into thousands who actually showed up on the date, December 5. 

     Boegner stressed, “there was an unexpected number of people both on the road to watch the parade and at the Brewery.” Junior and FFA Reporter, Zachary Wyatt agrees, “The event seemed to be a huge success. I have been to other events here and have never seen such a large crowd.” 

     But don’t worry, everyone was spreading the joy safely. “Vendor participants had to sign a waiver to adhere to CDC guidelines, social distancing and masks. The vendors at Falling Branch are also being kept at a minimum,” Boegner clarified.

     And the highlight of the event, the tractors, had quite the numbers as well.  “Although tractors were supposed to pre-register, and I had 18 by Saturday morning, last counted we ended up with 34,” Boegner explained. 

     The tractors came from the North Harford High School FFA, and all over Harford and Cecil County. Teagan Flaherty, junior and FFA Secretary affirmed, “the NHHS FFA Alumni participated in the tractor parade. Also some FFA members helped decorate the tractors before the parade occurred.” 

     The Highland Association partnered with Mason-Dixon Country and their Delta Christmas Fair, an annual event. “The Christmas Fair is a whole weekend of holiday events, and the parade was featured as the Saturday night festivities for their brochure,” Boegner noted for why such a crowd arrived.  

     Food trucks, cookies, and plenty of family photo opportunities were on site at Falling Branch Brewery. 

     Along with this, NHHS FFA sold wreaths from the annual poinsettia and wreath fundraiser at this event. “North Harford FFA sold all of our wreaths and our members and officers came to help volunteer,” Flaherty explained. 

     She also admitted, “it was nice to see members come out to help volunteer, it sucks sometimes to be an officer and only see members through a screen.” 

     Wyatt similarly points out, “I think it was a great way for the community to get together, after nearly nine months of quarantine. Despite the cold, it was nice to see everyone having a nice time with their families.”

     This was the Highland Holiday Christmas Tractor Parade’s first year. But, Boegner believes, “there is a very good chance this will become an annual event, with the weekend tying into the Delta Christmas Fair. There are multiple opportunities for area small businesses as well as the NHHS Ag community and FFA alumni.”