Student-run clubs spread positive messages

Evan Kuzemchak, Social Media Coordinator

   “Our message is to promote healthy decision making to students within our school and community,” STARS President, Grant Maxa says. STARS stands for Student Taking A Responsible Stand. According to Maxa to do that “means to eliminate drug and alcohol use to keep our bodies healthy and safe.” 

     To make an impact on students, Maxa and his team members “collectively come up with ideas.” This month, STARS is creating a video consisting of “reading a poem about drunk driving.” Maxa “hopes this will make sure students are careful on the road and responsible.”

     Junior Jamie Kavanaugh shares that “this year [they] decided it would be better to promote positive” videos monthly, Kavanaugh also shares that the videos are edited by junior Jackie Bultman.

     Due to COVID, Maxa says “it is very hard to get in contact with all students and our community.” Maxa states that their goal “is to provide information on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and also on the weekly announcements.” Maxa wants to get STARS’ message to “all students.”

     As president of STARS, Maxa “thinks of ideas and activities before meetings.” He also “participates in the activities”, purchases “materials that can be used, such as posters and table clothes” and “contacts teachers or administrators for permission or confirmation to complete an activity.”

     Maxa reminds students to “pay attention to the weekly announcements to see [their] videos and information.”

     On another note, leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Cora Presley, says their message is to spread “acceptance no matter who you are or where you are at in life, while also providing a space for students to have fun.”

     Presley says to help students FCA holds a “giant group therapy” and they talk about “whatever [students] might be personally struggling with.” “our goal is to help students have faith  in Jesus and have fun,” says Presley. 

     Presley states that FCA has “only had one meeting so far” and her co-leader Daniel Truxel “started with group icebreakers and then went on with a presentation about faith, then we just talk things out.” Presley shares that “since the club is so new right now [they] aren’t working on anything specific.”

     Presley’s role is to “promote the club and organize the student meetings” and Truxel “creates the actual messages and discussions.” Junior Abbey Huneke and Huddle Leader for FCA says that due to COVID the club isn’t “able to play games or eat snacks this year.”