Virtual Mr. North Harford: What to expect in 2021

Addy Dean, Reporter

 Mr. North Harford has been a tradition at the high school for years. This year with a virtual school year it has left the staff of North Harford with a dilemma on how to make this year as normal as possible  

     For Journalism and English teacher Jennifer Chandler this means attempting to create a virtual show and not compromise the tradition.   

     The plan for the usual in person sold out event is now going to be virtual, Chandler explained “It may have to be a pre recorded show but with a possibility of live judging or we may just have to record the whole show judging and all, and then people can tune in to watch it on their own on YouTube or wherever we upload the show.”  

     According to Junior at the time, but now Senior Henry Mejia last year Mr. North Harford was a “fun event to watch classmates be themselves and hang out with friends in the audience.”   

     He continued to describe the event “it seemed to be very successful the whole auditorium seemed to be filled up and there were a lot of families and students there, it’s nice to see everyone come out to the school for stuff like that.”  

     When asked on an Instagram poll if “North Harford should continue the tradition of Mr. NH?” 88% of students said the show must go on. In contrast when asked again “If Mr. NH was a virtual event would still attend?” only 54% of students said they’d actually go or watch the pageant. 

     Being the head of the operation Chandler reacted to this statistic and said “It’s kind of a paradox so if we generate enough excitement for it then people will definitely log on.”  

     When seeing how many kids are eager to keep the legacy intact and try to create a normal year she continued with “I am incredibly happy 88% of students want it to happen and even though only around 50% would go if it makes 50% of people happy then that’s all that matters, making this year feel as authentic as possible is the most important thing.” 

     The judges this year are to be determined, however English teacher Mrs. Dallam and Spanish teacher Señora Rake have been familiar faces when it comes to judging the event.