Seniors want to walk; One parent fights for students


 Many high school experiences have been ruined for all grades because of Covid-19. A huge moment for many students in high school is their graduation. Once word spread around that seniors might not get to walk and have a somewhat normal graduation, senior mom, Kelly Shincarick, took a stand.  

     Shincarick had posted an announcement on, a website that allows you to create petitions for anyone to sign. She had posted the link to Facebook and had her daughter, senior Rylee Vance Daley, to share it with all her fellow seniors. The petition started with a goal of 100 signatures; it has now accumulated over 1,000 signatures. It is not only students signing but also parents and other community members. 

     Graduation is the final goodbye students get in high school. Senior Haley Ries says, “Covid-19 has already taken so much from me and my fellow classmates. I’d hate to lose my graduation.” Another senior, Aliyah Gomez, states, “ We have been robbed of our football games, homecomings, and prom, we cannot lose graduation.” Many of the students signing the petition refuse to have a graduation done in their cars or in front of the school building. 

     Shincarick found a way for the students’ voices to be heard. She says that starting this petition “felt necessary.” Shincarick mentions the struggles many students and families have faced from this ongoing virus.  She believes, “the children deserve to celebrate their accomplishments during a difficult year.” 

     Shincarick is not the only parent to feel this way as several students’ parents signed and helped communicate with other parents to sign the petition. She mentions there has not been any updates or direct contact with her in regard to what will be happening with graduation.   

    Shinarick mentions one problem the board will try to claim is Covid restrictions and violations. Shincarick has no hesitation when saying, “Following CDC guidelines an outdoor graduation with social distancing is achievable and much appreciated by all.” She mentions how, “many businesses are now opening to full capacity” Shincarick believes if buildings can have full capacity then an outdoor socially distanced ceremony would be very easy to follow.  

     Many Covid- restrictions have been released and Shincarick is hoping for the best outcome for her daughter and the other students at North Harford High. She hopes to see her daughter and the other anticipated students walk.