North Harford Prepares for teachers appreciation week ahead of annual event

Jake Gay, Reporter

 It is in North Harford’s nature to be appreciative of teachers. With Teacher Appreciation week taking place the first week in May; around the country, and here at North Harford, many students are taking time to remind teachers just how thankful they are for them. 

      Many students around the Hawks Nest have been prepping for weeks to give teachers a deserved week of appreciation. Senior Kendall Schubert said she hopes teachers will feel “appreciated because they put so much time into their work. A lot of times students don’t reciprocate that work ethic, especially this year, we should be appreciative of them.” Schubert also made note of the other faculty around the building, “Even the janitors, the administrators, lunch ladies and everyone else that works in the building deserves this week of thanks. We owe them a lot, and I hope they feel appreciated.”

      This year for teacher appreciation week many teachers are expressing what fellow-teachers they are appreciative of. English teacher Jennifer Chandler said “I am so appreciative of Mr. James for so many things; what he is doing with the Voices of Equity club is truly amazing.” Chandler also noted how thankful she was for the school’s guidance apartment. 

      Fellow English teacher Mrs. Joanna Dallam described her appreciation for Special Educator Monica Nolan, “she is such a ray of sunshine. For being so young she is completely unafraid, and she is so great with her students!”

      During the week of appreciation some teachers are expressing their thanks to teachers from their own schooling. English teacher and Special educator Monica Nolan said, “My second grade teacher inspired me to love reading. I try to inspire that same love of reading in my students I teach.”

     Sometimes fellow teachers are the best teachers. North Harford algebra and statistics teacher Allison Austin described comraderie throughout her department, “the whole math department here at North Harford has been so kind to each other. Especially this year, we have all been there for each other throughout this year’s online learning. We all help find resources and have each other’s backs.” Science teacher Brady Green also mentioned his fellow teachers, “ the entire science department are friends and we work collaboratively together and they help me every day.”  Green also made mention of his wife, North Harford drama teacher Nancy Green. Mr. Green said, “she dedicates a lot of time and puts a lot of work into her productions. I appreciate that a lot.” 

     With an unprecedentedly difficult year for many teachers, and as the school year winds to a close, many teachers and students are thankful. Though teacher appreciation week happens every year, senior Zoe Mikles (who has been helping plan the event with others) hopes this year will “be special and really show our appreciation for the teachers around North Harford.” 

     Teacher appreciation week will take place the first week of May, and will naturally be eventful. With multiple days of appreciation, the journalism staff and the others who have planned the event hope the teachers will feel an environment of appreciation.