Local event annual event gets things ‘glowing’; Pumpkins light up Ladew Gardens


Reese Showalter

Jack-O-Lanterns light up the valley at Ladew Gardens, Visitors enjoyed finding crazy carved pumpkins


     The Garden Glow festival is a Halloween festival that happens at Ladew Gardens. Now in its 4th year, the event is centered around Jack-O-Lanterns.

     There are hundreds of pumpkins placed all over Ladew that guests are able to walk all through the gardens and look at all of the crazy carvings in them.

     The event took place on October 21-23, from 5 to 9 pm. All tickets were sold out again this year. About 2,000 people attend each night.

     The event has been sold out every year that it  has been held. Garden Glow was not able to be held in person last year due to Covid restrictions. Instead the event was held virtually. People were able to log onto Ladews website to attend the virtual event. Pictures were submitted of the carved pumpkins and were shown virtually instead of in person.

     Pumpkins are not the only thing to explore while at Garden Glow. There were sculptures made for the festival, a bug display, a hula hoop lady, people on stilts, scary story tellers, and live music to enjoy as you walk around.

     There are a large number of local vendors that are selling food and drinks to guests that guests are also able to enjoy. 

     Mrs. Larissa Arist, one of the world language teachers, went to the festival this year. “I went because my friend [Winnie Lange, a former Spanish teacher at North Harford] who works as a volunteer there told me about it.” 

     She went with her 5 year-old son Aiden. “Our favorite part was watching ‘cranky shows’, an old fashioned shadow box [used to tell stories]. Shadows [are used] to illustrate parts of the story [they] were projected on a paint scroll of paper that the storyteller cranked to advance. Simple but very engaging.”

     Tickets for this year were sold out and they are predicted to sell out next year. According to Baltimore Family Fun you need to “JUMP ON IT when tickets go on sale next year. They WILL sell out!” Baltimore Family Fun also said “Kids had a blast spotting  all of their favorite animals and characters carved into the pumpkins.” It is a great event for all ages, both children and adults will find something fun to do.

     Individuals are able to be a part of the Garden Glow festival. According to the Ladew Gardens website “You’re invited to carve your own jack o’ lantern! Use your own pumpkin or arrange to pick up a complimentary pumpkin at Ladew after you register to participate.” Artists, celebrities, local businesses, friends, and neighbors all carved pumpkins for the event.”