Art Guild plays part in Misentity; All creative arts blended


     The Art Guild is back this year and whoever is interested in joining can attend biweekly meetings in room D213 from 2:10-3pm. Students interested in the guild must have an email or letter of recommendation to join.

     The club is currently working on “making artwork for Misentity magazine,” as mentioned by Senior Sarah Hardiman. “It’s been a fun challenge, it’s a way to connect with other students who like to do art, and it’s cool to see what they can create,” Hardiman says. 

     Hardiman also shares that the theme of the artwork they have been working on has to include the three following: “cough drops, raindrops, and a pocket knife,”.

     Michael James, creative writing teacher and Misentity advisor, explains how art is going to be incorporated in their magazine issue, which is an “online magazine, and a great site.” The website James is referring to is There, his team is allowed to “imbed digital art, as well as video and audio files.”

     The idea of incorporating art into the magazine came from teachers and the Art Guild themselves. The goal is to “pull Misentity from being only literary to being a full blown creative arts magazine,” James says.

     One of the ways the Art Guild is going to play a part in the magazine–and that James is very excited about–is that there will be a “collaboration between the creators at North Harford.” During this, someone will create a portrait/drawing/painting and somebody else can “write a poem or story about that piece of art, and then we can actually bring it all together!”

     Another reason why incorporating artwork is beneficial for the magazine is that “it makes it easier for Misentity to put out more issues than one a year, unlike previous years,” James argues.

     Jason Blevins, advisor of the Art Guild, shares his enthusiasm about working with the creative online magazine. “In creating an online presence, Misentity is changing the times, and the Art Guild has the opportunity to be a part of that. It works so well for both groups!”

     Blevins also notes that it is important that “students participating in the Art Guild must be committed and consistent with attendance, as well as contribute to the greater good of the club.”