New NHHS Craft Club offers students art experiences

Liora Tolliver, Reporter

North Harford High School offers a variety of classes and programs ranging from painting to stained glass, and now there’s a new club now offering another option. 

     Despite having classes for many types of art, jewelry making isn’t one of them – an absence noticed by some students. “Last year the students […] they missed jewelry making, the craft of that. We used to do that a few years back,” said art teacher Lisa Campbell. 

     According to Campbell, the club was created by students, for students. Students missed the crafty jewelry making lessons that were once offered pre-pandemic, and without any class to take its place they took it upon themselves. “They basically put it all together, and I just executed it,” said Campbell.

     The club also helps students to raise money, either in their own business ventures, or for more art supplies, like fused glass, for NHHS students.  “A lot of the students have a lot of interest, and they have their own little side business for jewelry.”

     “Hopefully we can do something in the springtime, maybe april, [similar to the sale]  we used to have [for] earth day?” During previous years, students were able to set up booths and sell to those attending. 

     “It’s basically very intricate, detailed and fine. You’ve gotta be patient cause you’re working with such delicate matters,” Campbell said. Being involved in this type of highly-detailed art  requires high levels of precision, according to Cempbell, she wants students to hone their skills so as not to waste expensive materials. 

“When you work with your hands, you’re most focused. The arts bring that, it’s something they enjoy. They can create and make things for themselves, for their family, and do a little side business,” Campbell said. 

     Art and crafting have been proven to alleviate stress and bring people into a calmer mindset, something which may help students who have elevated stress levels from the events of the past two years.

     “It’s mental health, to get some kind of craft, to focus. It’s a good thing to get that stress relief from the computers.” Students attending the club won’t be focusing on technology, they’ll be focusing on creating things with techniques like wire wrapping to make anything from pendants to rings.

     “Hoping to have it after school,” said Campbell.  “I know that I have to do certain things with covid. We do need that extra time after school, just Hawk Soar isn’t enough.”

     “Just being with the kids, that’s the fun of it,” said Campbell.