Senior commits to college; Heading to Full Sail University in the fall

   According to Full Sail University the school began in Dayton, Ohio;
   Full Sail has been open to students since 1979

Full Sail University

According to Full Sail University the school began in Dayton, Ohio; Full Sail has been open to students since 1979


 Many seniors at North Harford High School have committed to colleges for the upcoming school year. Senior Victoria Hanna has decided to attend Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Hanna will study digital art and design.

     Full Sail University offers both online and campus degree programs, Hanna said she is getting an on campus degree that is only a 20 month program. She plans to attend an additional 12  months after the 20 months to get her master’s degree. The school describes its approach as “centered on real-world experiences and creative problem solving.”

     Hanna said, “It was a really easy decision to go to this college; they had so many scholarships and financial aid options as well as exactly what I was looking for in a college.” Hanna added, ”Most of their programs are 20 months meaning I’d graduate in less than two years which is amazing for me because I am not big on school.”

     Hanna said, “I have not visited my college yet since they are only open for tours on weekdays and those are the days I am in school. However, I plan on visiting the college in spring break as well as visiting nearby apartments since there’s no on campus dorming and I’ll have to get a place of my own.”

     For many freshmen in college it is hard to be away from home, and Hanna said, “I am very excited to move and basically start over but I am really sad that I have to leave so many friends behind as well as my family and two little brothers.”  She adds that she knows that she “ will come to visit a lot and my friends will visit me but it will be sad at first leaving all of them.”

     Hanna said that she is scared to leave home but she has family in florida “leaving home especially to somewhere 20 ish hours away is always going to be scary. However, I have a lot of family in Florida who are only about 40 minutes away so I will have people nearby.”   She adds that Full Sail has a lot of freedom so she “will be able to visit home if I really want to.”

     In addition to Full Sail, Hanna also applied to San Francisco Art Institute.  “The application process was very easy.  Once I heard about Full Sail I joined their virtual tour which they have weekly and after that I had an admission counselor call me and explain so much about the process and the school in general. They have walked me through almost every single step of the process and always answered any questions I had to the fullest.”