Gas prices continue to rise; Working to maintain money

Kensington Boyanich, Business Manager

     The current average gas price for Maryland is $4.27 per gallon according to FOX Baltimore. The national average for gas is $4.06 which is a $1.30 increase from last year, according to

      A survey done by AAA suggests that “two-thirds of Americans felt gas prices were too expensive just a few weeks ago[…]with the national average at an all-time high of over $4, Americans may have reached a tipping point.”

      Business teacher Eugene Liebel said that like all issues, this one is very complex. “I don’t like spending a lot of money on anything so I don’t like that. However, if the increase is due to less Russian oil then I’m fine with it because I think that is an unjust thing happening right now. So you have to kind of weigh what’s going on when you make that decision.”    The business teacher adds,  “The other thing I don’t like is the use of oil in general should go down. Hopefully higher gas prices lead to less people using it, there are always positives and negatives.”

      Junior Will Porter comments that “diesel is really expensive nowadays so I have started having to save my money. I have to take more out of my paycheck just to drive through the week to get to school and work. I have been having to watch how I spend my money going out to eat and buying things that I don’t really need.”

      USA Today reports, “Even as prices are expected to decline after May, the average is expected to remain over $4 until November. The average for 2022 is expected to be $3.99. President Joe Biden has also put a ban on the U.S. import of all Russian energy products, including the purchases of Russian crude oil, certain petroleum products, liquified natural gas, and coal.”

      Junior Jody Cadden states, “The prices have gone up a lot. I have started having to watch what I do with my money because they are probably just going to keep going up.”  The eleventh grader adds  “I should probably start considering what I am doing and where I am driving. I still go out and buy all this stuff I don’t need but I probably shouldn’t do that anymore.”

        Many students have talked about opting to take the bus instead to save money from driving to and from school every morning.    Junior Aiden Freeland said, “The prices really hurt. I don’t like driving a lot now because it really burns a hole in my pocket. It has taken my money away, I am going broke from it.”