Misentity publishes final issue; Club celebrates seniors, best work

Silvia Martinez, Reporter

     Misentity, North Harford’s literary arts magazine, plans on publishing their last issue this school year by May 20th. The issue will be titled “Cry Hawk Cry” and will feature student creators’ favorite works from previous issues.

     “It’s kind of a ‘best of the best’ issue because students who have previously submitted work get to pick their favorite pieces,” says senior Clare Cummings, one of the co-editors of Misentity. She also thinks their last issue of the year will help celebrate the creative works of seniors who have previously submitted works to Misentity. “The title is a reference to the school newspaper, so the issue is set up similarly to a newspaper,” Cummings notes. 

      Cummings first became involved with Misentity when she took Creative Writing I her sophomore year. “When you join creative writing, you’re automatically a part of Misentity,” she states, as most written works that get published by Misentity come from students in Creative Writing I and II classes.

     Since she joined, Cummings has become co-editor of the magazine alongside senior Annika Peterson. “Misentity is a hot topic in both my creative writing and art classes, so involvement in the more formal side of production felt natural,” Peterson explains.

     As co-editors, Cummings and Peterson are responsible for gathering all the submitted materials the club receives to show to their classmates in Creative Writing III. As a class, they make edits to written submissions so they can then be placed into a Word document for formatting alongside pictures of art. “For this issue, we also took pictures of work in the art show to format alongside written submissions,” Cummings says.

     Along with editing and publishing, Cummings and Peterson also run the club’s Instagram page  to post information about upcoming publications as well as previous issues. When deciding on a theme to announce, Peterson explains that the club’s ideas for themes usually form organically as it’s based on what they see emerging from the work in their Creative Writing class. “The themes are often very subjective and are a very loose guide for work that gets published, so a huge variety of styles are represented,” she continues.

     Moving forward, Cummings and Peterson believe the club’s main goals will continue to include branching out and reaching a wider audience. “One of Misentity’s main goals has always been to bring awareness to all the creative types of work made by students,” Cummings states.

     “For people thinking about joining Misentity, I want to say it’s so cool to look at submissions that reveal a whole new creative side of the student body that we don’t always get to see,” Peterson comments. She also believes it’s genuinely fulfilling to create a magazine and release it to the world.

     Cummings says that being a part of Misentity has been one of her favorite parts of high school because the “atmosphere is really laid back and fun.” She thinks that it’s really easy to make friends in the club, and anyone who enjoys writing or creating art of any kind should join.