Societies broaden student exposure to cultures; Inducting new members

Riley Stoneback, Reporter

    On May 12, Spanish, French, and German Honor Societies held their induction night in order to welcome in new members.  

    Members had to be signed up to be taking their fourth year of a language and have maintained a high average in each language class to be eligible for the honor societies. The induction ceremonies normally take place near the end of the year for new members, and they all occur together on the same night.  

    Senior Hannah Holcombe was at the ceremony and is “really excited” for the induction tonight. “The tradition will carry on and there are underclassmen that are going to come up. Hopefully they’ll do the same kind of thing that we did.” 

    Rather than watching, senior Laynie Sheahy was in the induction ceremony, lighting the candles that each inductee held. Sheahy says “I’m very excited about the induction tonight, and overall, I think that it’s just going to go well.  We’re getting a lot of new people, and I think it will be great.” 

    The Spanish honor society has been active throughout the school this year. Holcombe remarked on the society’s organizing of the Day of the Dead party. “The honor society got together and planned the party. We organized food and a craft for everyone to do, and we all brought Day of the Dead related things,” said Holcombe. “That way, the Spanish club could meet us after school, and we could celebrate the Spanish culture and bring it into our school.” 

    Sheahy went along to talk about some of the tutoring that the Spanish Honor Society did. “We did a lot of tutoring hours to help students in the lower Spanish levels, and I think it was definitely helpful for them.” 

    Senior Clare Cummings agreed with Sheahy that the tutoring was beneficial to students. Cummings says, “We would tutor students specifically regarding Spanish, and we would meet them in homeroom. We would help them if they had any questions, especially things like conjugation errors and homework. 

    The French Honor society will also be inducting students. 

    Senior Marissa Pottss read the vows for the students when they were called up on stage at the induction ceremony. 

    Pottss said that the French honor society was a lot like the Spanish honor society regarding tutoring. “Every Friday during Hawks Soar and sometimes after school we offer an hour of tutoring to any struggling French students. We also do collaborations with the French club to spread the French culture, and overall, just joy with everyone together.”